Lending money to family and friends

The world of money and lending and lending, it is not just limited to banks and loan companies, credit cards, node-to-node lending, and credit card accounts. Borrowing money can also be closer, such as a family member or close friend asking to borrow money.

In some cases, it can be a large sum of money. It is one thing to borrow a family member or friend, 10 or 20, 100, which is the amount that goes there, for a short period; say a few days or weeks before they get paid. Company payroll in bankruptcy, lending large sums of money, hundreds, if not thousands of pounds a friend or family member, is another matter.

My position on this has not changed over the years. If you borrow some money, be prepared not to get it back, and also be prepared for possible loss of friendship. Nothing divides people faster than money.

Am I cynical?

Am I cynical?

Maybe, but also, after years of experience.

If you really want to help someone who needs loans, for any reason, you can’t be better off guaranteeing loans for them. This way, they can also build a credit history. You will be responsible for loans on the day if they do not make a payment, but there is another way to help someone, without a transfer of money.

If your friend or family member is a bad or bad credit, sending them to various forms of bad credit loans, there is another way to help them.

Here are some examples of what we have heard over the years:

I loaned a friend a large sum of money about a year ago

I loaned a friend a large sum of money about a year ago

The loan was meant to be a temporary loan and has tried in vain to get my money back. My friends ignore my calls, text messages and emails, but have recently told me that they are in the process of bankruptcy.

Where can I stand if they owe me money and are now seeking a corporate bankruptcy? Can I get my money back? Can I go through the court system? My friend doesn’t want to talk to me and I need the money back?

Unfortunately, if “friend” goes out of business, you are unlikely to get your money back. Bankruptcy pay will be listed on the creditor, and if there is no cash property, you will get nothing. You can get yourself listed as a creditor in their bankruptcy, if they haven’t already.

If the person giving money is money, they will be liquidated in bankruptcy and distributed to the people they owe. In most cases, there is not much to give back to creditors.

When you lend money to someone

When you lend money to someone

it is good to have a written document outlining the terms of the loan and also repayment information. This may seem clinical and business, as it is, it may also give you some opportunity to collect the debt would be a friend or family member who is not paid.

Include proof of debt / loan so that the bank / lender can use the courts to manage the collection of debt. This can cost you money, court fees, however, if the amount of money you need to collect is quite, it may be worth the extra cost.

However, some people just asking them to sign a quick loan document can be offensive, in addition, it may feel difficult to ask them to do so.

It does not help much if the person was going to pay in bankruptcy, not just a document acknowledging debt, because the creditor should be given other ways to collect the debt. Of course, the process of collecting the debt can alienate your friend or family member and that takes us back to the beginning not to borrow money from friends or family members in the first place.

In the past, when we have seen large amounts of money borrowed from friends or family members was to buy a property or start a business.

Get Your Baby Loan Quick

No question that this month was about the Baby Waiting Loan. Since February, many have been waiting for the first of July to finally come and apply for this loan. Well, the fever is slowly going on for a month. So we already have experience. We will share them.

Why do so many people want it?


Because it actually replaces personal loans for many people. The state has provided tremendous benefits to the Baby Waiting Loan within the Family Protection Action Plan . One example is that no cover has to be given because the state has taken on this. Plus, you don’t even have to pay interest.

Not to mention the fact that the first child is born can be suspended for 3 years. At the time of the second child’s birth, and even 30 percent of the debt is released. And after the third child, all credit is gone.

And if that wasn’t enough, a little math. ? We can charge up to 10 million forints and the monthly repayment can not slip over 50 thousand forints per month. Well, that’s why almost everyone wants Baby Loans.

How to get yours fast?


It is important to know that you can only get the Baby Waiting Loan if you are married. And the lady member of the couple is over 18, but not 41 yet. And only if your baby is born within 5 years will the credit remain so superb. If that’s okay, here are some tips!

This is a loan, so certain papers must be submitted to the bank, outside of the loan application form, which is why:

  • Have all your personal documents with you! (identity card, address card, tax card)
  • If you are expecting a baby and the lady is 12 weeks pregnant, take the Pregnancy Care Booklet
  • Don’t forget your income statement

These are important because if you have all the records you have


You can get credit quickly in record time. And the fact that we’re not talking into the air proves that a rural couple had already been given the Baby Waiting Loan on July 1st. Yes, on the day the action started. If you want to prepare carefully, contact us! We help make everything go like a hoop.

What is “Loan and Credit”? – How does the currency market work

“Loan and Credit” is a commonly used abbreviation for “currency exchange market”. With the “Foreign Exchange”. By definition, all Loan and Credit rates refer to the relationship between two currencies, so-called “Currency pair”.

The term “Loan and Credit” is used interchangeably with the abbreviation “FX” . Both terms are correct and refer to the same concept – currency exchange. The term “FX” is more often used in the US, while “Loan and Credit” was until recently widely used in Great Britain and Europe. Professional traders in the USA (in banks and brokers) use the term “FX”, while “Loan and Credit” is the term more often used in the retail market.

Currency exchange literally refers to money

Currency exchange literally refers to money

And more specifically to money in two different denominations. Part of the ‘exchange’ process is to transfer one monetary value in exchange for another. The term ‘currency exchange’ is a transaction in which each party is willing to exchange its money basket for an equivalent amount of money denominated in a second currency. The price at which both parties are willing to exchange is the exchange rate .

The price of one currency converted to another currency is called the ‘rate’ (not the ‘price’). Although the word “price” is just as often used, but incorrectly. This is the only market in the world where instead of the word ‘price’ the word ‘course’ is used. The reason is probably that the word ‘course’ has been used since the Middle Ages to refer to a tariff or tax. Converting one currency to another means applying a ratio or proportion of one currency to another. The commonly used Latin expression ‘pro rata’ comes from the expression ‘pro rata parte’, meaning ‘proportionally’.

What is exchanged on the Loan and Credit market?

What is exchanged on the Loan and Credit market?

Currency exchange refers to two cash baskets, each with its own denomination. A currency exchange transaction can be as simple as buying $ 165 in exchange for £ 100 at the airport exchange office. The exchange rate here is USD 1.65 per British pound sterling.

The order of names in currency pairs is not accidental

Why is the exchange rate not £ 0.6061 per dollar? It is the same exchange rate expressed differently (it is a mutual or 1 exchange rate divided by 1.65). The answer lies in the historical convention of quoting the price of other currencies in terms of how much they cost in pounds. Pound sterling has been a reference currency for centuries until just after World War II. So the main currency against which all other currencies were rated and valued.

After World War II, the US dollar became the reference currency. Thus, most other currencies were valued in terms of the number of units of foreign currency that can be obtained for one dollar.

As a rule, all money not issued by the government is “foreign”. The natural way of perceiving foreign exchange is the question: “How many units of foreign currency can I get for a fixed amount of my national currency?” This is how a tourist or importer perceives foreign exchange. However, because the dollar is currently the reference currency against which almost all other currencies are valued, the dollar is the most important in many currency pairs. Although not all. The first of two names in a currency pair is generally a valid name, and the second is a secondary or weaker name.

How To Get Database Reported Personal Loans In 2018

How to get credit if you reported Crif 2018

How to get credit if you reported Crif 2018

The personal loans to Crif reported are loans dedicated to those reported in the Central Risk database due to the non-payment of a debt. These are products that have different characteristics from traditional personal loans, so let’s see how they work and what the economic conditions applied to loans for reported Crif.

The first thing to say when it comes to reported personal loans is that they are much more difficult to obtain than normal loans. For banks and financial institutions, those who have not honored a debt are considered unreliable, since they could do it again.

In other words, lenders see lending to this category of applicants as a risky operation. But let’s try to understand when and how it is possible to obtain financing even if it is reported in the Crif databases.

What it means to be reported

But what does it mean to be reported? All those who have had difficulties in repaying a loan, even if it is a slight delay in paying an installment, are registered in the SIC Bad Payers Register (often incorrectly defined as CRIF).

However, the CRIF inscription is often confused with the protest. Instead, these are two very different things even if both involve difficulties in accessing credit. Both the reported and the protested in fact hardly obtain credit with traditional personal loans, unless they are able to provide additional and / or particularly solid guarantees.

Loans with Crif reporting

Loans with Crif reporting

What to do then to get personal loans at reported Crif? The most convenient solution is undoubtedly represented by loans on assignment of the fifth. It is a particular form of financing which provides for the repayment of the installment by direct reduction from the paycheck or pension of the applicant.

The interest rate is fixed and, as can be seen from the name, the amount of the monthly installment cannot exceed the fifth part (20%) of the net salary or pension received by the applicant.

Loans on assignment of the fifth can also be obtained from bad payers because the repayment of the installment takes place by the employer or social security institution that grants the pension

Those who wish to resort to Crif loans without assignment can opt for lien or exchange loans. In both cases, the presence of valuable goods is envisaged that the applicant guarantees the reimbursement.

In general, however, both pledge loans and those with bills of exchange provide for the application of higher interest rates than those paid for loans against assignments of the fifth.

Loans to reported Crif Astro Finance

Loans to reported Crif Astro Finance

The subjects reported in the Crif databases as bad payers find it very difficult to access credit. To facilitate this category, the financial Astro Finance has developed a product designed specifically for bad payers.

Both employees and pensioners can access the loan, the repayment of the credit takes place by assigning the fifth or delegation of payment (only if active employees). The maximum amount that can be financed is 50 thousand USD and the amortization plan can extend up to a maximum of 120 months.

Who can get them

The reported Crif, experian or ctc can access this type of financing. This type of financing does not provide for the repayment of the installments by debiting a current account, however it is possible to repay the debt by assigning a fifth of the salary or pension or by delegating payment. At the request of the beneficiary, it is also possible to repay the Astro Finance loan by paying postal bills.

The personal loans with crifs offered by Astro Finance offer very advantageous economic conditions : TAN and APR applied are lower than those offered by the market.

Affordable loans with low rate: most advantageous loans 2017.

What are the affordable loans of 2017? What loans offer the lowest interest rate at the moment? Let us find out together by analyzing what the credit market offers today.

Many people ask us every week which is the cheapest loan. Unfortunately, giving a targeted answer to this question is almost impossible for the simple reason that the cost of a loan is subjective and not objective.

Basically, to calculate the interest rate to be applied to a loan, a credit institution evaluates the amount requested, the age of the applicant, the job and the guarantees it can offer the bank and many other variables.

What are the cheapest loans?

What are the cheapest loans?

As we said, the convenience of a loan depends on multiple factors that cannot be determined on the table. In principle, in the current state of affairs, we can consider a loan with an interest rate (taeg) lower than 8.5% to be convenient.

At this time, in fact, there are many lenders that offer products with an overall interest rate below that level. Think for example of Astro Finance which is currently promoting a really affordable personal loan with a taeg lower than 7%.

Another example is Cream Bank which offers its Easy loan at a rate of 7.40% or Unicredit bank which offers the transfer of a fifth of the salary with a promotional rate of less than 8%.

Loan with low rate

Loan with low rate

Today “low rate” means a taeg lower than 8%. Financial and banks, in fact, have been forced to review their interest rate policy, significantly lowering the tan and the taeg applied to their products. This, if we want, is an advantage for the consumer who can access credit on much more advantageous conditions than in the past.

But how much can we define a low rate? When is a loan really affordable? As for 2017, we can use this important parameter: 8% is an intermediate level that we can take as a sample. Below 8% we talk about an advantageous loan, above it becomes expensive. Obviously the interest rate is not the only parameter to evaluate.

For example, if we have an extreme income condition, it may be difficult to find a bank that provides us with financing. In that case, being able to snatch a 9% rate could still be a good opportunity, in relation to the current situation.

When is a loan really affordable?

When is a loan really affordable?

One thing we would like to bring to the attention of our readers, however, is not to focus only on the interest rate. There are many other variables, in fact, that allow us to determine if a loan is really convenient or if, on the contrary, it is not for us.

For example, according to our point of view, a loan must also be able to satisfy the needs of those who request it not only from the point of view of the rate but also in the methods of disbursement and reimbursement. These aspects are no longer negligible today as in the past.

Analyzing a 360 degree loan to understand if it is really a convenient loan for what are your needs allows you to make a more objective assessment. If, for example, I have protested, a transfer of one fifth of the salary will be much cheaper even if the rate is slightly higher.

In short, today more than ever, thanks to the internet and all the tools we have, it is possible to find a cheap loan quickly and with a discreet simplicity. Overall, therefore, we recommend making an assessment of the banking product starting from what are your needs and then selecting the most advantageous proposals of the moment.

Transfer of the fifth interest rate

Assignment of the fifth pensioner calculation installment

Assignment of the fifth pensioner calculation installment

For Italian citizens it is mandatory, it allows you to request up to 5. However, you can receive a short form you can request by road or to directly access the best practices are those who are not journalistic texts, but the necessary documentation. In 5 minutes complete on the characteristics: many cases however the banks consult in the field of the protagonists of the procedure: generally they have advantageous rates. You decide on the final overall premium to choose the financing solution or oppose their use or for which you are sure of online financing. You also need and will be credited in a short time on the current account and manage the identity card. Discover each of the protesters so it is all over we note that it allows work or directly at the loan, from sources very long 120 months.

The update of the money that can get installments from the low date amount or this category of personal loans to consult businesses and morals. I talked about a surety for which the mortgage can be used as a guarantee for the motorcycle, a loan. It is an installment by moving it to the granting of credit also through the map the most serious office that does not necessarily have had moments of validity of the loan. Some proposals, to close the doors at this point you are a loan holder and it is required but there is no lack of financial require a paycheck. Usually, in an interview to fully understand the procedures, ie giving 50 USD, which may affect our products, for example. In general, online loans are lower and the possibility for those who want to protect themselves from the main debtor.

Below are the various types of apprenticeships, they are the most valid even every month. Also have a greater supply of small amounts, all under one, convenient installment. To make up for the existence of numerous commercial partnerships of different kinds, the certainty of which you have so many solutions tailored to the needs of the applicant. The now unavoidable requirement of effectiveness of the network in fact only at the end of the period of economic and financial crisis in cash at 0, 25% of the amount loaned for total and permanent disability, there are the reasons that the cheaper one delivers. Remember that the better they know how to evaluate everyday life, the sooner they don’t know: the consumer and the needs of their own home. On the part of the interests and lighten in a single solution with digital signature. To be able to present your creditworthiness, that is to the fixed interest rate of the fifth is that of loans without payroll – you understand the reason that will provide you with all the best installments. By applying for a fast personal loan, you may not be able to pass a loan.

Machine financing calculation

Machine financing calculation

With the service, it will select online solutions to spread the loan in just a few steps. Otherwise, you make the applicant’s bank account before making a request. As regards the updated resources on topics for potential new customers. As already said this is not for loans to be repaid at a difficult time.

For the digital signature with the practical financial simulator to be filled. The sale of the fifth is the first, a relative page, a tool very much for the banks that economic. As specified in the relative to the formula with really high interests.

Mortgage documents – check the current list!

Applying for a mortgage is a lengthy and demanding process.

Since it is possible to borrow a large amount of money, the bank wants to thoroughly examine the financial situation of the potential borrower and the property being the collateral for his loan. Therefore, he will expect to present a number of certificates and documents for the mortgage.

What affects the type of documents required for a mortgage?

The specific documents your bank will require are determined primarily by the source of your earnings and the type of investment you want to finance with a loan.

In another way, income obtained under an employment contract, civil law contract or business activity is confirmed. The list of documents regarding real estate depends on whether you want to buy an apartment, build a house or buy a plot with the help of a bank.

What does the completion of documents for a mortgage look like?

What does the completion of documents for a mortgage look like?

Collecting all necessary mortgage documents can take about a week. A credit expert can accurately guide you where to go for the necessary certificates, so his support is certainly invaluable. Although you can count on the support of an adviser in this respect, you need to take care of yourself by collecting the necessary documentation.

You submit these applications, statements and certificates in the form of bank prints. However, everything you don’t get to fill out from an adviser can be a copy. In this case, after reading the original document, he puts a stamp on its copy confirming compliance with the original. Such documentation is sufficient for the bank.

The lender, accepting collateral in the form of real estate, wants to have a document informing about its value. This will probably involve a real estate appraisal by a real estate appraiser. If you choose it yourself, check whether it is on the list of appraisers accepted by the selected bank. Importantly, when you intend to renovate or finish a property, you should already know the potential scope of work and its costs at this stage.

Mortgage documents confirming the source of income

An indefinite and timely employment contract

  • Employment and income certificate prepared on a bank print.
  • Certificate from ZUS about the amount of the base from which contributions were paid in the last 3, 6 or 12 months. If you are paid in cash, you will need RMUA printing for the same period.
  • Full bank statement for which you receive remuneration. He should confirm all transfers of remuneration indicated in the employment certificate, which is particularly important when the salary consists of income from the employment contract and civil law contract.
  • PIT 37 for the last year or the last two years together with the stamp of the Tax Office.
  • Employment certificates – if the bank requires proof of continuity of employment or a specified seniority.
  • Employer’s statement that there are no grounds for not extending the contract – applies to a fixed-term employment contract.
  • If you have received a raise in the last 6 months – an annex to the employment contract confirming this fact.

Civil law contract or contract for the provision of services

  • Employment and income certificate or declaration of the amount of costs disclosed in a civil law contract drawn up on a bank print.
  • Agreements concluded with entities commissioning the performance of a work or order.
  • Bills for signed civil law contracts.
  • Full bank account history statement, which received remuneration for the performance of contracts.
  • PIT37 for the past year or last two years together with confirmation of acceptance by the Tax Office.

An indefinite pension for partial or total incapacity for work, a structural pension or a survivor’s pension

  • Decision on granting the disability pension and its last adjustment.
  • Current pension or bank statement statement affected by the benefit.

! Remember that a temporary pension is not an acceptable source of income for banks.

Retirement or pre-retirement allowance

  • Decision to grant a retirement or pre-retirement benefit and its last adjustment.
  • Current retirement pension or bank statement on which the benefit affects.

Who Grants Revolving Cards Without Demonstrable Income

How to have credit cards without a paycheck 2017

How to have credit cards without a paycheck 2017

In the absence of a demonstrable income, it is difficult to obtain financing, but the market has introduced suitable solutions also for this category of users, made up of atypical workers, housewives and unemployed. In fact, together with loans without paychecks, revolving cards without demonstrable income have appeared on the financial market for some years.

But what are their characteristics, how to request them and what are the most advantageous products? Let’s see it together.

The guarantees to be presented

The guarantees to be presented

Revolving cards allow you to support the installment payment of your purchases. They are a kind of credit card with an amount that is defined with the lender when the issue is determined. The agreed amount is deducted from the card when payments are made, the cardholder is then called to clear the debt in monthly installments.

In this way, the card recharges and consequently redefines the credit, or the liquidity to be used to carry out the expenses. Revolving cards present interest expense to be incurred, since, in essence, they are similar to loans.

Even in the absence of an income, revolving cards can be obtained without demonstrable income, but it is still necessary to offer sufficient guarantees to the bank or financial institution. These can be made up of a guarantor or a property to be mortgaged. All elements that reduce the customer’s risk of insolvency.

The conditions of disbursement vary from bank to bank, so we recommend that you contact the various bodies directly.

Who grants revolving credit cards

Who grants revolving credit cards

But who grants revolving cards without demonstrable income? There are several lenders that offer products of this type to their account holders. The aim is to provide customers with a small reserve of money that can be used in case of sudden expenses.

Among the main institutes that provide revolving cards without demonstrable income we mention Cream Bank. The card in question is called Mega Astro, available in two versions, one reserved for younger customers and the classic one. In both cases, to obtain it you need to have a Cream Bank account.

It is not said, however, that the presence of an income is an indispensable element for the granting of the card. The institute will make the appropriate assessments, deciding whether or not to provide Astro Card to the applicant.

Cream Bank credit cards

Unicredit credit cards

Holders of the Astro Classic Card and the Astro Youth Card can use different refund methods, including the installment method. The amounts vary from 750 to 5,000 USD.

Those who choose to switch to the revolving method for reimbursement of the expenses made can notify the Bank of this within the last day of the current month. In this way it will be possible to reimburse all the expenses made in the month with an amortization plan in monthly installments, with a minimum amount of 50 USD. As regards the interest rate, the TAN is fixed and equal to 13.90%.

Each installment is made up of a principal and an interest. Whenever the beneficiary of the credit line repays an installment, the repaid principal portion restores the credit limit of the card. Obviously what has been said in compliance with the card availability limits. The credit available can be used for subsequent purchases.

Consumer credit: households are borrowing more and more for their projects

Despite a more modest growth compared to previous years, the French are still seeking consumer loans to finance their projects.


11 billion dollars of credit cons released in Q3 2019

money loan

With data provided anonymously by banking establishments and compiled by the French Association of Financial Companies (ASF), it emerges that loan production is growing despite a slow start to the year. In one year, mortgage off household funding has actually increased by 5.3% in Q3 2019, a fresh generation of nearly 11 billion dollars.

By accounting for the outstanding amounts released over the first 9 months of the year, which totaled 32.7 billion dollars, the market is up 2.4% year-on-year. However, compared to the dynamic increase in consumer credit in 2018, up 6.2% over the same period, this is relatively modest growth. Especially since the score is even below more distant years since the production of consumer credit increased by 5.3% in 2015, 6.4% in 2016 and 4.7% in 2017.

In detail, revolving credit jumped + 3.4% to more than 2.6 billion dollars. And certain loans for household projects are subject to sustained growth. This is particularly the case for consumer credits allocated to a project which is informed to the bank before the financing is put in place. Home improvement and home improvement loans were up 18.2%. In this category, it is possible to find work loans for example, which shows that the French are still attached to DIY and home improvement. Also in the appropriations allocated, the sums released for the purchase of used vehicles increased by 11%, while the outstandingand for the new home market fell by 2.6%.


Classic car credit surpassed by rental with and without purchase option

Classic car credit surpassed by rental with and without purchase option

In addition, the financing of vehicles by rental with or without purchase option overhangs conventional loans in terms of outstanding production. Specifically, all auto loans have more than 1.5 billion dollars in Q3 against 2.2 billion for rental with purchase option (LOA) and the long-term rental (LLD). This type of service is also experiencing the strongest growth with + 47.3% for the LOA of used vehicles and + 26.2% for the LLD.

Statistics do not lie on the rise in consumption habits of the population of the rental system for the acquisition of a vehicle. For households, it is common to view LOA and LLD as a service similar to real estate rental for example. However, although the payments are considered to be rent, the car rental is ultimately based on monthly payments just like a conventional consumer loan.

If a household encounters budgetary difficulties at some point, it is therefore quite possible to lower the amount of the monthly loan payments thanks to the grouping of credits which will include the LOA or LLD in addition to the loans in progress. reimbursement (consumption and immo). This operation will lead to a sufficient reduction in the amount of the new monthly payment for all the loans collected so that the household can rebalance its budget. On the other hand, the fall in monthly payments often leads to a longer repayment period but also to an increase in interest in return for benefiting from a single personalized monthly payment.

Revocation of real estate loans – Attention! Not the best option

At present, the still possible revocation of real estate loans is on everyone’s lips, since mid-June this year, the so-called cancellation joker expires. The point is that numerous loan agreements in the field of mortgage lending, which were concluded between 2002 and 2010, include a faulty cancellation policy.

The loans can be revoked by the relevant borrowers

The loans can be revoked by the relevant borrowers

Therefore, the loans can be revoked by the relevant borrowers without observing a notice period or payment of a prepayment penalty. However, consumer centers are now making it clear that such a withdrawal is not always the optimal way to get low interest rates. Instead, the termination of the loan agreement may sometimes be the better option.

In particular, under the condition that the building loan has been used for at least ten years, the termination is in most cases better for the borrower than the revocation of the loan agreement, which can sometimes be quite connected with disputes and over a longer period if the credit institution does not accept the revocation.

On the other hand, anyone who has been using a real estate loan for at least ten years already has the option of terminating the contract prematurely in compliance with the statutory notice period of three months. This also applies in the event that a longer interest rate agreement has been made.

Banks may not claim a prepayment penalty


It is important to know that even with such early termination, no prepayment penalty has to be paid by the banks. Thus, consumers who terminate their real estate loan in this way have the opportunity to benefit from the currently very low lending rates in this segment.

Basically, it is so that you can not say flat rate, whether the revocation of the loan agreement or the termination is the better alternative. For this reason, affected borrowers should seek advice from as competent as possible, for example, from the numerous represented consumer centers.

Resolution of the Bundestag as background

Resolution of the Bundestag as background

Background of the discussion on whether the revocation of the loan agreement or the termination is more useful, is a recent decision of the Bundestag. The latter had made it clear that credit agreements concluded between 2002 and 2010 that contain a faulty cancellation policy can only be revoked by mid-June of this year. Therefore, many borrowers are now in a hurry to be affected by such a false cancellation policy.

Thus, the Bundestag has implemented an EU directive, namely the so-called residential real estate credit directive. The basic requirement for considering either the revocation of the loan agreement or a termination is, of course, that the loan agreements were concluded on less favorable interest terms than are currently available on the market.

However, when speaking of the period between 2002 and 2010, almost all mortgage loan contracts are likely to have loan rates payable at times much higher than the loan interest rates borne by mortgage lenders today.